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How to Keep your Donors Engaged with a Membership Program - Shared screen with speaker view
Sam Druzbik
Hello and welcome to everyone joining us! Feel free to introduce yourself in the chat and ask any questions for Megan and Kristin the Q&A!
Sam Druzbik
Of course! All webinars are available at ana.atlasnetwork.org
Alex Lee
Greetings all from the UK!
Jack Confrey
Great to see you here Alex! Greetings from the UK too!
Sam Druzbik
Welcome everyone! Be sure to ask any questions for Megan and Kristin the Q&A
Alex Lee
I'd be happy to share a draft elevator pitch for an upcoming IEA project. The IEA are planning on setting up a Patreon page to seek engagement and further support from our digital audience. Here is the pitch:The IEA’s Patreon page serves as a membership platform, allowing our followers to become Online Patrons, and support & donate towards our digital content.Whether that be towards the growth of our Youtube Channel, expanding our livestreams and virtual events, or acquiring better equipment for our studio, our Online Patrons will be playing a crucial role in enabling us to carry out the work we do in producing leading free market content online.Alongside this, our Online Patrons subscribe to exclusive IEA perks, bespoke benefits, and gain priority access to our content. This includes behind the scenes footage, early access to IEA youtube videos, the chance to engage with the IEA team, and much much more…
Sam Druzbik
Thanks for sharing, Alex!
Alex Lee
Would be happy to receive any feedback if possible. Don't hold back!
Alex Lee
Thanks so much all! Super useful event. Hope we can stay in touch and connect :)